Private IP Address

This article is about private IP addresses. Before you know the private IP address, you need to know about the public IP address, and if you are reading this, you should know some information about the public IP address. Luckily for you, this is quite easy to explain.

What is a Private IP address?

The wireless router sets its local address to the default special IP address. It is usually the same as the other models of the manufacturer, and can be seen in the manufacturer’s documentation.

The following list is the default private IP address of popular wireless routers:
Linksys and TP-link routers use
D-Link and NETGEAR routers are set to
Cisco routers use either, or
Belkin and SMC routers often use

Your private address is just for your router, your network and you. The private address ranges in a network don’t have to be synchronized with the rest of the world and Internet.

In fact, the range of dedicated addresses can be used by multiple addresses. Network administrators using these private addresses have more space for subnet partitioning and more allocation addresses.

Private IP address provides an operation for home network. These addresses can be used by private network. Even if your neighbor address used exactly the same, it will not lead to problems, because this is his or her network, not yours.

Lookup IP Address Location

If you can find an Internet user’s IPv4 or IPv6 address, you can find out which part of the country or world by using our IP lookup tools.

Method of operation: enter the IP address that you are interested in in the box below, then click “Lookup IP”. Read the following information for explanation.

What you can get by using this tool

Your IP address search will provide you with only the general details about the end of the IP address. The following are what you will find:
1. Host name of IP
2. Its country
3. The region / state
4. City (as shown below)
5. The latitude and longitude of the position (a best guess)

Some LAN IP can’t be found, such as private IP address: or, they are the management IP address of routers.

How to get into the settings page of the wireless router Our wireless routing. Just bought, how to enter his settings page? Let’s share my experience with you.

I bought a HUAWEI light cat. The IP written at the bottom of the router is, but I can’t get in and out of it.

How to log in the IP address

First, let the computer and the router in the same LAN, IP segment to the same, such as the router address is, your computer IP can be set to, the subnet mask is

You can look at Ping for a while, run – command – enter Ping

You have to confirm that the IP address of the light cat is, because it can be changed later, and the router is not reset.

How to find the default username and password?

This method is suitable for just bought wireless router, or the router has not been set up. We can take a look at the bottom of the router we purchased. The IP address and password will be displayed on it.

If you can not find them, click default router password list. Or reset router to factory setting.

Now you should be able to enter the router. If not, your router’s IP may be or

A router is a device that connects the LAN and Wan in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets the route according to the channel situation, and sends the signal in the best way and in the order of front and back.

The IP address is mostly used by modern routers such as Linksys switches, 2Wire routers, TP-Link routers Alcatel ADSL Modems, Thompson ADSL routers, Westell ADSL Modems, 3Com routers, ADSL billions routers, SRW2023 and many more routers.

Generally when we purchase a new router or modem they provide username and password. This username and password will protect you from unnecessary connections.Sometimes there are certain cases which you come across with forgetting the password of your own router or modem. So what can you do at that time, I guess you might be so much worried because you cannot access your router. But you don’t need to worry, in this post I am going to give you some guides and tips which will help you to solve all these kind of problems, you will be able to change your password very easily.

IP address codes are a private IP address, and this IP address can be only used for IPv4 address, it cannot be used for Ipv6.

What to do if you forgot the password of

  1. Find the default username and password on the back of router, or click Default router username password.
  2. Reset wireless router, click How to reset router.

How to Change IP of your Router?

  1. Login to its web control panel, type the IP address into the browser window, and enter the username and password.
  2. Go to the LAN settings to change your required IP address. You also have to go in DHCP settings and type your new IP address which will become your new IP address, such as or

If you have anything else to ask, you can freely leave your comment. belongs to the list of default private IP addresses that are in widespread use in networking solutions. This address is a part of the 192.168.x.y family of private addresses in IPv4 class.

Many networking equipment manufacturers use with their routers as the default IP address. Some manufacturers use IP addresses like or It is important to understand that this ‘default’ address does not limit the flexibility of the users. In fact, the default IP address of can be very easily changed by the administrators and users of these routers.

How to log in

Open the browser, enter in the address bar, enter the username and password. If you forgot them, you can reset router.

Can I change the router’s IP address?

It is easy to change the IP to any other IPs. After you log in the router, you can change the ip in LAN setting.

The ip can be also used on computer, Its gateway is

how to reset router username password

When you forgot the password of the router, the page will help you reset it, it is very easy.

if the default router password list can not help you, you need to reset the router. The reset button is on the side of the router, It’s a small hole. You can poke it with a toothpick or pin, hold it 10s. When the router lights are flashing, you have reset it.

The default user name and password are generally on the back of the router, you can find them easily.

Default router username password

When you lose your router’s username or password, this page might help you find them, You’d better keep it.

TP-Link router: the username is admin and the password is admin.

D-Link router: the username is admin and leave the password blank.

3Com router: the username is admin and the password is admin.

Digicom router: the username is admin and the password is michelangelo.

Linksys router: the username is admin and  the password is admin.

Netgear router: the username is admin and the password is password.

Other brands of routers can refer to the list above. If the above password is incorrect, visit how to reset router username password.


Ping command is a commonly used DOS command, to detect whether the network is China Unicom and China Unicom’s speed.

The wireless router setup process is often used to the ping command, if your router address is, click “run” (or use the win+r key) and then enter CMD enter to determine.

Then enter Ping, if the result is timeout, the network is not connected or packet loss, it means that your computer can not connect to the router.

The reason may be: 1, the router’s address is not 2, the router has been closed, unable to connect. 3, the router set up the ICMP packet filtering (such as firewall settings)

If you are able to receive bytes, the network is clear, you may be able to connect to the wireless router, you can enter in the browser to try

Can not open

In the process of using the wireless router in the Internet, sometimes we can’t meet the, can’t log in to the WEB management page of the wireless router, and set up the parameters of the wireless Internet.

In the face of this failure phenomenon, how should we solve this problem?

In fact, the main cause of this fault is the two aspects:

  • Tools / raw materials
  • Wireless router
  • Familiar with DNS settings
  • Step / method
  • Hardware factors such as line connection, wireless router, etc.

Hardware failure mainly includes the phenomenon of network connection cable, the phenomenon of network connection, the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the connection of the network, the abnormal phenomenon of the computer system and the damage of the hub or router.

Of course, the input voltage is not normal, the device internal temperature is too high, or the device suffered lightning, etc. it is also easy to cause the hardware failure. In the observation of the wireless router control panel data signals, we found that the signal when the intermittent flashing that the line is connected to normal, once found signal lamp working condition is not normal, we must first check whether the broadband line connection is reliable, internal core wire is in short circuit or broken state, in this regard, we can change with other normal cable test.

After the exclusion of cable, we need to check the radio network connection settings, for example, we can re set the IP address of the network card, if found in the automatic access to the IP address of the wireless router, you can consider the use of static IP address while disabling the firewall used in the workstation system.

Parameter settings for a wireless router or IE browser

If the above method is still valid, we need to open the IE browser on the workstation system to see if the connection settings are correct. In this regard, we can open the IE browser window, and in the window of the menu bar, click the “tools” / “Internet options” command, in the pop-up window of the Internet option, Click “connect” tab.

In the corresponding tab page, there will not be a dial-up connection project selected, and click on the “OK” button. After that, click LAN settings button, and then set up all of the settings in the window, and then click OK.

Restore factory settings

If this approach is still not able to solve the problem, the only thing we can do is to restore the parameters of the wireless router to the factory default settings, and re install the corresponding device driver. If this method is not good, then we can conclude that the wireless router itself has a hardware failure, at this time only the professional and technical personnel to come to solve, or need to replace a new router.