The IP is one of the most commonly used IP addresses, many routers use it.

Like, is the router’s management panel address. In the management panel,  you can set the router’s password and other security features.

Which brand routers are using IP

Many brands of routers are using it, such as: TP-Link, 3COM, Linksys, BenQ. If you want to see more list of routers, please click Default Router Passwords List. This list includes most popular router brands, you can easily find the router you want in it.

How to visit the IP

Enter in your IE browser address bar, after entering the username and password, you can open the management panel of the router. When you successfully login to the router, you must change the default username and password. The default username and password are unsafe, it’s easy to change them.

Forgot the password of IP

If you are busy at work and study, you often forget things. Once you forget the default username and password, you should not worry. Default username is admin, default password is admin. If you have forgotten them, you can reset the router, how to reset the router? Please click.

Can not connect the IP

  1. Make sure that the IP address you entered is correct.
  2. Turn off other computers and restart your router.
  3. Restart you own computer.

Can not open

In the process of using the wireless router in the Internet, sometimes we can’t meet the, can’t log in to the WEB management page of the wireless router, and set up the parameters of the wireless Internet.

In the face of this failure phenomenon, how should we solve this problem?

In fact, the main cause of this fault is the two aspects:

  • Tools / raw materials
  • Wireless router
  • Familiar with DNS settings
  • Step / method
  • Hardware factors such as line connection, wireless router, etc.

Hardware failure mainly includes the phenomenon of network connection cable, the phenomenon of network connection, the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the connection of the network, the abnormal phenomenon of the computer system and the damage of the hub or router.

Of course, the input voltage is not normal, the device internal temperature is too high, or the device suffered lightning, etc. it is also easy to cause the hardware failure. In the observation of the wireless router control panel data signals, we found that the signal when the intermittent flashing that the line is connected to normal, once found signal lamp working condition is not normal, we must first check whether the broadband line connection is reliable, internal core wire is in short circuit or broken state, in this regard, we can change with other normal cable test.

After the exclusion of cable, we need to check the radio network connection settings, for example, we can re set the IP address of the network card, if found in the automatic access to the IP address of the wireless router, you can consider the use of static IP address while disabling the firewall used in the workstation system.

Parameter settings for a wireless router or IE browser

If the above method is still valid, we need to open the IE browser on the workstation system to see if the connection settings are correct. In this regard, we can open the IE browser window, and in the window of the menu bar, click the “tools” / “Internet options” command, in the pop-up window of the Internet option, Click “connect” tab.

In the corresponding tab page, there will not be a dial-up connection project selected, and click on the “OK” button. After that, click LAN settings button, and then set up all of the settings in the window, and then click OK.

Restore factory settings

If this approach is still not able to solve the problem, the only thing we can do is to restore the parameters of the wireless router to the factory default settings, and re install the corresponding device driver. If this method is not good, then we can conclude that the wireless router itself has a hardware failure, at this time only the professional and technical personnel to come to solve, or need to replace a new router.

Can not open Gateway

When we set up the router,sometimes appear gateway can not open the situation, first we want to confirm the gateway is not, because sometimes it is set to, its main confirmation in the reader input should be can stop access, clear these two effects we will continue to look down.

To set up a page to visit:

First, sure your router model has base web function, that is, you can go through the browser to access settings (some routers are its own hardware does not support this feature, such as DWL-900AP)

Second, determine the hardware is not the reason, in general, only to be able to access the Internet can explain the hardware
There is no problem;

Third, all of the firewall, including the virus firewall and firewall, etc..

Fourth, the security level of the IE option is set to the default level.

Fifth, the IE option inside the connection is not connected to the gateway.

Sixth, then go down to the local area network to set up all of the options have to tick the local does not tick.

Seventh, the IE option inside the primary set all initialized.

Eighth, to determine the IP address of the machine and the gateway address in the same network, and can be Ping.

Ninth, if the above are not accessible, the machine has some settings to make the gateway base Wen server refused, but can not find out, this time can try to set up the router’s specification into the factory records, and then re configure.

It is true that the issue of access to the page settings is not uncommon, but should not be able to explain the touch of the very bad, hey, hey, I hope to meet the same problem, a friend to help.

do not know username and password

This appears at login Wireless router(tp-link,d-link etc.) . If the initial account password is usually admin password admin or guest password guest.

if it is personal routing does not remember to modify content, through a small hole in the router, such as the toothpick sharp things to reset.
I wish you good luck.