How to get into the settings page of the wireless router Our wireless routing. Just bought, how to enter his settings page? Let's share my experience with you.I bought a HUAWEI light cat. The IP written at the bottom of the router is, but I can't get in and out of it.

How to log in the IP address

First, let the computer and the router in the same LAN, IP segment to the same, such as the router address is, your computer IP can be set to, the subnet mask is can look at Ping for a while, run - command - enter Ping have to confirm that the IP address of the light cat is, because it can be changed later, and the router is not reset.

How to find the default username and password?

This method is suitable for just bought wireless router, or the router has not been set up. We can take a look at the bottom of the router we purchased. The IP address and password will be displayed on it.If you can not find them, click default router password list. Or reset router to factory setting.Now you should be able to enter the router. If not, your router's IP may be router is a device that connects the LAN and Wan in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets the route according to the channel situation, and sends the signal in the best way and in the order of front and back.